Tools and Apps to Streamline Your Internal Processes

  • Tools and Apps to Streamline Your Internal Processes

    Tools and Apps to Streamline Your Internal Processes

    We recently talked about ways to refine your client processes to run your office more efficiently. Now we’ll focus on processes and systems to streamline your workflow with your team.

    Hiring? Training? Sharing documents? Technology can streamline processes and provide a helping hand to business owners.

    1. Human Resources

    This is one area you shouldn’t ignore. Your employees are your most important asset. HR welcomes employees into the company and gives them access to resources when they need it. 

    Bamboo offers outsourced HR help. Additionally, Guideline provides easy set up and management for 401k programs. 

    1. Onboarding Employees

    Setting up an employee onboarding process gives new hires confidence in your company and sets clear expectations. Make a list of everything you need to make sure they get paid—W-4, I-9, direct deposit information. 

    You can also use apps to automate the process. This article provides several different options.

    1. Training New Employees

    Giving employees a clear path of what to expect from training is key. How long will training last? Who will lead the training? Where will it take place? What will they learn? 

    You can use a task management system, which allows you to see their progress and invite different team members to participate in training and provide support for the new hire. 

    Asana and Smartsheet are some examples of task management systems that can be used to set up the new employee training process. You can invite team members who need access. 

    1. Internal Team Communication

    Allow your team to communicate outside of their email inboxes. Slack is one of the most utilized apps, but there are many other options. Inside the task management system, you can send messages back and forth about projects, tasks, and clients, and those messages are only visible to the team.

    1. File Sharing System

    Sharing documents securely is important. Define what should be shared through encrypted links and what can be sent through regular email. 

    ShareFile and SmartVault have secure ways you can share documents and get documents signed without compromising sensitive information. 

    Providing your team with the right tools will help build efficient workflows and result in a successful company. 

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