3 Free Tools to Help You Save More Money

  • 3 Free Tools to Help You Save More Money

    3 Free Tools to Help You Save More Money

    Everyone could use a little extra cash in their wallet. Did you know there are free tools out there that can help you find unclaimed money or grow your savings? 

    Here are three of our favorite tools: 


    Utah State University provides PowerPay to help debtors become savers. PowerPay will give you the tools to develop a personalized, self-directed debt elimination plan. It tells you how quickly you can become debt free and how much you can save in interest costs by following your debt reduction plan. 

    You have to create a username and password to log into the software. But if you’re serious about reducing your debt, either personal or business, it’s worth a look! 


    Need to find more money easily? Check out unclaimed.org to find unclaimed property in any state you’ve lived in. 

    Simply search for unclaimed property (money, dividends, etc.) and follow the instructions on how to claim it. They even track uncashed checks if they have been reported.

    Credit Karma

    Keeping track of your credit alerts you to any changes or errors in your credit report. Credit Karma helps you track it all easily. 

    Did you miss a payment? Has your credit score increased or decreased? The higher your credit score, the better interest rates you will be offered. 

    Keep an eye out for changes that will negatively impact your credit score. Credit Karma gives helpful hints on how to improve your score, and they also let you know if they think there’s an issue with your report by sending regular emails.

    Do you have a favorite tool? Let us know! 

    And if you need help managing your business finances, reach out to our team. 

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