Getting to the Next Level of Your Business

  • Getting to the Next Level of Your Business

    Getting to the Next Level of Your Business

    Sometimes it’s hard for business owners to know how to take their businesses to the next level of growth and profitability. If you’ve been stuck at the same level of revenue or profit for a while, it could be because scaling your business is not a skill in your toolkit… yet.  

    Enter a classic management book on scaling your business: High Output Management by Andrew Grove, ex-chairman and CEO of Intel. While the book was written in 1983, it has made a recent comeback in Silicon Valley, but it’s still not well-known outside of the Bay Area. Many people who have read it say it’s the best management book they’ve ever read—life-changing even. 

    In the book, Grove applies the principles of engineering and manufacturing production to management. It’s all about process—developing processes and procedures so you can track what’s going on and measure the results or output every step of the way. Only then can you improve the process so it leads to higher output.  

    Measurement is an important concept in the book. No matter what business you’re in, you can apply the ideas of developing processes, measuring them, and improving upon them in your business.  

    Grove explains how managers can motivate their team members and improve production. He talks a lot about leverage, which enables scaling both positively and negatively, and how it can affect employees’ output. One example of positive leverage is when managers ‘nudge’ employees to enable their work. A negative example is when managers meddle and get in the way of progress.  

    In the section on meetings, Grove breaks the topic down by purpose and lends his ideas on how to run each type of meeting better. He touches on other key topics such as decision-making, planning, motivation, performance reviews, and values. 

    One significant highlight from the book: If you’re motivated to become a better manager and wish to improve the output of your organization, there’s nothing more important than training yourself.

    Reading this book is a wonderful way to spend time learning new business skills you can put into action immediately. 

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