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Simplify Your Process, Organize Your Financials,
and Gain Insight into Your Business

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We actively listen to your goals and partner with you to achieve them. Leveraging our passion for business accounting, we take all the accounting-related tasks off your plate so you can focus on running your business.

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More Than Your Bookkeeper

A remote team of accounting nerds who simplify your processes, organize your financials, and provide insight using technology and strategic planning, all to make your business more successful. Think of us as your full-service, outsourced accounting department—your CFO, bookkeeper, and controller, all in one! 

Why Choose Us?

We are experts and certified across multiple business platforms. First Steps Financial is a team of accountants and Advanced ProAdvisors who are passionate about helping businesses succeed. We believe all business owners can be successful with the right tools. We help our clients create wealth and success, as they define it. 

  • Are your financials in a few different places (Including in your head?)
  • Is bookkeeping the last task on your list that only gets done when needed?
  • Is only one person in charge of paying bills and banking?
  • Do you want more control and information from your financials?
  • Do you need help with budget planning?
  • Are you looking to increase your cash flow?
  • Are you trying to streamline processes?
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Client Portfolio


Alisa and her team at First Steps Financial are true pros. They do an incredible job managing our back office accounting work. I recommend them highly.

Kathy H. Manager Director - Harris Allied

Thanks as always for everything, frustrations aside I have never felt alone in plodding through this situation.

Marge M. PTL Testing

First Steps has been a lifesaver. We very much appreciate what you do and how you do it.

Hanan I. Kingston Law Group

We very much appreciate your help and feel like you are a true member of our team. We have included you on our holiday card, and hope you like it!

Tara D. TellMed Strategies

Thanks for the overview, Gena, and all your hard work wrapping up the year end! I cannot express how much we appreciate everything you do for us! We could not manage without you.

Anna-Lisa Mackey PATHS Program LLC

Thank you! I get stressed about these things—I need to take a deep breath and remind myself that we have the amazing people at FSF taking care of us!!

The Bryant Group  

Before we worked with FSF, I was involved on a daily basis with financials… and it was a huge chunk of my time. I am so grateful for your work, Jodi! My silence is only me being hyper focused on all the stuff I wanted to get to for all those years! Thank you for all you do!”

Ruth Adams Art Omi


    Trust the Process.

    First Steps Financial can help you choose the right tools for your company. Our proven process gives you more time back in your day (and less stress!).