I’m Ready to Hire a Bookkeeper. How Do I Know If They’re a Good Fit?

  • I’m Ready to Hire a Bookkeeper. How Do I Know If They’re a Good Fit?

    I’m Ready to Hire a Bookkeeper. How Do I Know If They’re a Good Fit?

    Start by asking yourself some basic questions. Why do you want a bookkeeper? This will point you in the right direction. 

    Some common whys:

    • I am not well versed in accounting.
    • I do not like this part of my business, but I know it is necessary. 
    • I know I can move this company forward if I bring in someone to take over this role.

    Next, ask yourself what you want your new bookkeeper to do. Here are some things a bookkeeper can (and should) do:

    • Reconcile bank and credit card statements
    • Categorize transactions frequently
    • Provide accurate reporting
    • Invoice clients
    • Pay bills with a secure bill paying app
    • Provide support for the business owner on things related to accounting and processes

    Things a bookkeeper should not do:

    • Have unlimited access to your bank and credit card accounts
    • Have single signing privileges for checks
    • Provide HR support
    • Be the receptionist

    Other questions that are equally important:

    • If you hire a single bookkeeper, what happens when they go on vacation or are sick? Who will take over that responsibility? If you are thinking you will take it back over and your stomach is churning, maybe you should outsource to a team of bookkeepers so you’ll always have someone working on your bookkeeping.
    • Who will review their work? You? Your CFO? Your CPA? There should be a process in place for reviewing the financials for accuracy and completeness, at least quarterly.
    • How will the work happen? Have your training set up before you hire. Know what you need your bookkeepers to learn to fulfill your whys and whats from above.
    • Where will your bookkeeping take place? Remotely or in-person? Both in-person and online will require security measures (think password storage, access to bank accounts or checks, online access to sensitive data and accounting software). Remote workers may require special access from an outside link to keep your network secure. An in-person resource will require a physical space to work in.

    A Final Note

    Define the roles and responsibilities before you hire. Drill down on why you want a bookkeeper and what you see them doing. Hire an experienced bookkeeper who meets your needs and is a good fit for your personality. Let them focus on what they do best so you can focus on your business.

    First Steps Financial is also here to help! We can handle your bookkeeping and controller and CFO work for your small business. We listen to your whys, understand the whats, and give you a team of experts to take care of your accounting needs. 

    Just give us a call and let’s talk about your needs in more detail! 

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