5 Steps to Make Your Office More Efficient

  • 5 Steps to Make Your Office More Efficient

    5 Steps to Make Your Office More Efficient

    Are you looking for ways to take the complications out of everyday life in the office? One of the best ways to do this is to refine your processes. 

    What? No processes? We’ve got you covered. Here are five easy steps to help you get started and avoid becoming overwhelmed by too much information or technology.

    Start with what will make the most impact on your business: cashflow.

    1. Accounts Receivable: Provide clients with ACH or credit card forms (Sample form found here) that can be used to pay any recurring charges. You can also create other invoices for non-recurring charges and send them to clients and ask for payment confirmation.

    Client experience can make or break a relationship, and it starts with a client’s first impression of how you provide services.

    2. Onboarding Clients: Create a checklist for basic tasks that are performed each time. Include who’s responsible for them and when each item should be completed. You can use a task management system or something as simple as a Google Sheet.

    Paying your vendors on time is a good way to keep those relationships healthy. Whenever you interact with others during the course of business, you are supporting your reputation as a business. 

    3. Accounts Payable: Start by picking one or two days a month to pay bills. Staying current on payables can increase your credit score and earn you lower interest rates on your loans.

    Invoicing your clients on a regular basis not only improves your cash flow, but it shows clients you are organized and have your sh*t together.

    4. Invoicing Clients: Set aside a day to pull together everything you need to invoice your clients. Once you can see all you need to create an invoice, you can make a process to follow.

    Want to keep these processes going? Creating a task management system will allow you to stay organized and make better use of your time.

    5. Task Management System: Find a system that works for you and fits your budget—whether it’s paper and pen with items you check off or an easy-to-use system like Asana. Once you start tracking your daily tasks, you are on your way to empowering someone else to do them so you can move on to other areas of your work.

    The best way to make a process become a best practice is to create one at a time. Resist the temptation to do many at once—we are entrepreneurs, after all, and think we can do it all. 

    We can do it all! Just one step at a time.

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