Cool Tech Tools: Airtable

  • Cool Tech Tools: Airtable

    Cool Tech Tools: Airtable

    When it comes to running a successful business, how important is it to be organized? Very. 

    How would you rank your organization skills? Honestly, the answer doesn’t matter. Technology can always help us get organized, and this is where Airtable comes in.  

    Airtable goes beyond spreadsheet solutions when it comes to tracking teams, projects, tasks, dates, and other information for your business. Cloud-based, Airtable allows you to organize information in a database of tables called ‘bases.’ While databases can be complicated, Airtable makes them easy because they look just like spreadsheets.  

    Airtable allows users to create a flexible database that fits their particular needs. Some of the use cases include project tracking, product development, event management, team collaboration, lists, planning, pipeline management, calendars, and so much more. Templates are also available to jump-start your project.   

    Because Airtable is like a spreadsheet, it has been compared to Microsoft Excel. However, it’s important to remember that Airtable is like a spreadsheet and a database. Excel only functions as a traditional spreadsheet, while Airtable gives users more options, especially when it comes to customization. 

    In Airtable, fields can even be added for attachments, long-text notes, checkboxes, links, and barcodes. It provides options for filtering, sorting, and grouping data.  

    Airtable also integrates with other applications in case you need to move information from one place to another or add functionality.  

    One other great thing about Airtable is that it has both free and paid plans. You can find out more here:

    Do you already use Airtable? Is there another similar tool that helps you stay organized? Let us know! 

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