How We Revised Our Hiring Process to Attract the Best Candidates

  • How We Revised Our Hiring Process to Attract the Best Candidates

    How We Revised Our Hiring Process to Attract the Best Candidates

    Always be interviewing. A coach gave me this great piece of advice when I first started my business. 

    We have enough capital to take advantage of opportunities and hire great candidates, which means we interview often. But do candidates think First Steps Financial is a fabulous company to work for? First impressions are important—for both sides.

    We have recently revised our interviewing process with this consideration in mind. We want our candidates to get the impression that we are organized and supportive to those who work for us, both professionally and personally.

    During the interview process, we utilize Asana for task management. We set up a task for each candidate and move them through each stage of the process using the board view.

    Each candidate has several tasks assigned to them, such as taking a DISC profile and sending us the results. We also require them to share their screen and show us how familiar they are with QuickBooks Online. We share the core values, mission and vision of our company and provide examples of how those values play out in everyday situations. When a candidate knows more about our values during the interview process, it helps them decide if our culture is a good fit.

    We review every resume to see if it meets our minimum requirements. If the candidate is a good fit, they move onto our Interview Process Board. Candidates are assigned tasks and once those are completed satisfactorily, they can move to the next stage, the initial interview. 

    One person on the team meets with the candidate and has a list of questions to ask. If the candidate seems like a good fit, they move on to the next step, the team interview. A unanimous decision will push them into the final phase, which is a meeting with me. After my meeting, we meet as a team to discuss all candidates and make the final decision—we either provide them with an offer letter or let them know they are not the right fit.

    We are currently looking for people with a great attitude and an aptitude for accounting! QuickBooks Online experience is a must. 

    If you’re interested, reach out and learn more about what it’s like to work with a company that cares about its employees.

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